Why Join

What will I gain from NEPIC membership?

Why Join?

Membership of NEPIC offers immediate connectivity to a wide and diverse process industry incorporating petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine & speciality, biotechnology, polymers, bioresources & renewables and significant supply chain.

As well as providing our members with the tangible membership benefits detailed below, we are continually working on key projects and industry issues to ensure the long-term sustainability of the chemical-processing sector in North East England – creating a business environment in which you can continue to prosper and grow.

Joining Benefits

To welcome our new members to the Cluster and help introduce you to the existing membership, you will receive the following joining benefits upon sign-up:

• New Member introduction via our monthly new members e-bulletin
• Subscription to NEPIC’s weekly bulletins covering events, news and new members
• Access to Members’ Hub – blog and information site for member companies
• New Member introduction via Members’ Hub
• Company introduction at NEPIC’s monthly members meeting, CLUSTER CONNECT
• Welcome post via NEPIC social media platforms

Annual Membership Benefits

On an annual basis each and every NEPIC member is entitled to the following benefits. Our annual membership benefits are detailed under four sub-categories – Marketing, Signposting & Referrals, Events & Networking and Business Savings.


• NEPIC Membership Certificate
• Membership Logo
• NEPIC Directory company profile listing and logo
• NEPIC Directory hardcopy
• On-line Directory listing
• Subscription to member bulletins and updates
• On-line Member-to-Member promotion
• Access to Members’ Hub
• Member news, event and offer promotion via Members’ Hub
• Social Networking – access to NEPIC’s member only social groups


• Signposting – via telephone, email, web or social media
• Face-to-face business support & advice
• Access to the network – business interactions between SMEs and large companies
• International connections & business opportunities
• ‘Match & Mentoring’ service via Engineering Connect
• Inter-cluster referrals
• Funding support – access to finance
• Access to a dedicated sector export adviser via UKTI
• Cluster determination – one company, one vote on all cluster activities


• Admission to NEPIC’s monthly members meeting, Cluster Connect
• Admission to NEPIC’s half-yearly members meeting, Pharma Connect
• Access to networking events & exhibitions
• Access to knowledge & best practice events
• Speaker opportunities
• Annual award entry


• Significant savings via NEPIC’s strategic partners – including Utilitywise & Harlands
• Reduced rates for all NEPIC paid activities including event admission, advertising, sponsorship, exhibition rates and marketing services

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