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Registration is now open for the SME Growth Programme Sales and Marketing Workshops. All workshops are free to attend and are a great way to access specialist training and develop your essential skills and network.

This workshop set has been designed to maximise your potential for growth. We strongly encourage you take advantage of these free sessions that, if booked privately, would cost ££££’s.

All workshops incorporate pre-bookable 30 minute 1-2-1 sessions for companies seeking individual or private mentoring with our trainers and programme delivery team. Sessions can be requested upon registration and appointment times will be issued in due course.

Please note that places are limited to the one person per company and that a waitlist system is in operation where oversubscription occurs. Workshops will be repeated late 2017 and again mid-2018.

Workshop 1: Market Strategy Development
delivered by Durham Lane

Tuesday 5 September 2017
RTC North, Sunderland

Before you start to prospect it is imperative you have a clear market strategy developed for your business. This workshop will see participants work through durhamlane’s proven market strategy development template so that they come away with a clear view on where they should be spending their time.

The importance of developing a strategy

  • To strategise or not to strategise; common pitfalls of not having a market strategy.
  • Why a scattergun approach can work in the short-term but rarely leads to long-term success.

Inside out thinking

  • Diagnosis of your business and where you can spend your time to be most successful.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Building a plan.


  • Identifying where to focus and why.
  • Creating a blueprint to engage potential customers.

Data & systems

  • The value of quality data and how to get it.
  • An overview of CRM systems and the importance of maintaining information for sales success.

We will pull the learnings from the session together and will conclude with actions that ensure every participant has the beginnings of a market strategy developed.

At the end of this engaging session, each participant will have a clear idea of where they should be focused and how they can best achieve their goals. They will have a blueprint designed to help them to be successful and will understand the importance of data and maintaining systems to share information and create lasting value within their business. It is always our aim to make learning fun. Each participant will have had the opportunity to learn in a constructive and empowering environment.

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Workshop 2: Successful Sales Prospecting

Tuesday 19 September 2017
RTC North, Sunderland

Confidence and clarity is vital in order to open the door to a senior executive in an effective manner. During this workshop we will examine the best ways to gain attention and access to top executives, understand the different and best approached and the structure of an effective prospecting email &/or call.

Gaining access to Executives: We will examine the power of an internal referral when accessing executives and understand how many points of contact it takes for an initial response.

How to Gain Attention: We discuss the best ways to elicit interest, amplify desire and create action/buy. We will discuss how every approach should be Relevant, Concise, Topical and Actioned.

C-Level Email Writing: We will examine the good, the bad and the ugly side of email writing and share our proven template for writing an effective email & making the perfect prospecting call. Participants will be given to chance to construct their own C-Level email and send it live within the session.

Mixing the Media: We will discuss the importance of mixing the media through telephone, email, letter, registered, Social Media Twitter LinkedIn etc. Making it a habit and committing to a ‘Magic 50’.

Wrap up: We will pull the learnings from the session together and will conclude with actions that give each participant the best opportunity for future sales prospecting success.

At the end of this informative and interactive workshop each participant will have developed an increased understanding in how they prospect effectively with executives and target positions. It is always our aim to make learning fun. Each participant will have the opportunity to learn in a constructive and empowering environment. We will encourage the sharing of personal examples (good and bad) amongst the group – an added value benefit from running an open workshop like this.

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Workshop 3: Social Media for Marketing & Sales
delivered by DurhamLane

Tuesday 3 October 2017
RTC North, Sunderland

The selling landscape has changed forever. Buying decisions now start, and sometimes finish, on the web and gain momentum through social networks. Our Social Media for Marketing and Sales workshop will guide you through the online world and help you to get on the path towards developing an online Marketing and Sales strategy focused on engaging with customers.

A guide around the online world

  •   Common Social Media tools for business
  •   Understanding the importance of listening to your prospects and customers via online channels

Linking up on LinkedIn

  • The power of your profile and the rule of connections.
  • Building your online voice through the effective use of LinkedIn.

Twitter, Facebook & cutting through the ‘noise’

  • We will discuss the best online tools for your business.
  • Creating plans for effective engagement versus relentless sign-posting.
  • Avoiding the ‘noise’

Effective communication

  • Understanding how to present yourself online.
  • Taking the conversation from online to offline.

We will pull the learnings from the session together and will conclude with actions that ensure every participant has a clear understanding of online best practice when it comes to developing sales conversations online.

At the end of this engaging and interactive workshop each participant will have reviewed and amended their LinkedIn profile and will have understood the power effective use of social media can have to their business development efforts. It is always our aim to make learning fun. Each participant will have had the opportunity to learn in a constructive and empowering environment.

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Workshop 4: Elevator Pitching
delivered by New Results Training

Tuesday 17 October 2017
RTC North, Sunderland

It’s not very often that you are actually in a stuck lift and have to explain what you do, however, this workshop gives you the tools to help you recite quickly, easily and with confidence the information that a potential customer wants to hear. Together we will be learning about:

• Engaging people quickly
• Building a simple and effective pitch based on a reusable formula
• Learning the key language to start the conversation
• Practising in a safe environment so you can master your pitch

It will be a fun, interactive session and there may even be a prize too!

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Workshop 5: Success when Closing Sales
delivered by New Results Training

Tuesday 31 October 2017
RTC North, Sunderland

Closing is something that we all need to do, however, for some reason, we may find it a little complicated, awkward or we simply lack confidence so don’t ask. Together, through this session, we will be learning about:

• Gaining agreement and getting to “yes”
• Understanding this specific customer and why they might buy at this particular moment
• Understanding the emotional drivers behind buying decisions
• Putting your customers in a positive emotional state
• Asking for the order in a confident and conversational way

It will be a fun, practical and interactive session, giving you the confidence to close more of those deals.

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Workshop 6: Selling Overseas
delivered by RTC North

Tuesday 14 November 2017
RTC North, Sunderland

This workshop has been designed for companies that require a clear understanding of how to market and sell their products or services overseas. We will provide practical action points and handy hints/tips to ensure delegates leave with the tools and materials to develop their knowledge of export capability further.

Support and material will focus on choosing the best business model for operating abroad and the development of sustainable overseas strategies. Consideration will be given to export readiness with a plan to move this forward if it is identified as a viable opportunity for a participating business. For those organisations who require additional support, the half-day session will be followed by one to one surgeries to coach the business through the next steps process.

Learner outcomes

Participants will understand the impact of exporting on their business, highlight their business strengths and weaknesses and have the tools to further develop an action plan to improve competitiveness of products and services. In addition businesses will identify suitable markets and consider a 6 step export plan for development and growth.

Workshop delivery and programme content

Areas of development include:
• Benefits of choosing overseas markets – ten good reasons for selling abroad
• Assessment of potential – internal checklist of export potential including management commitment, management resources, capacity consideration and financial risk and reward
• Identifying and selecting foreign markets, customers and partners
• Assessing product / service suitability including compliance and certification
• Product pricing including exchange rates, letter of credit etc
• Shipping of goods – incoterms and logistics
• Choosing the right sales channels – internet sales, use of agents, direct Vs indirect export and establishing a permanent presence (Representative offices and branches)
• Template for export action planning

The course is suitable for businesses

• that would like to export but lack the knowledge or experience
• unsure if their products or services are suitable to trade internationally
• afraid exporting will be too time consuming or costly
• that have limited exported experience but do not have a plan or process in place

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Workshop 7: Selling into the Process Sector

Tuesday 28 November 2017
RTC North, Sunderland

The process sector is unusual in many respects. It is dominated by multinational corporations with complex organisations that are hard to engage. The process sector environment also drives different attitudes to innovation, risk and decision making.

This workshop intends to demystify sales in the process sector. We will help you understand how the purchasing process differs so that you can adapt your approach to be more successful.
The workshop will build upon many of the elements introduced in previous workshops and help you adapt them to be more effective selling to the process sector.

Topics we will cover:
• How the structure and organisation of process sector companies impacts the decision making and purchasing processes and how to leverage that knowledge
• Understanding how and where to engage with the process sector and large corporations
• How to improve the strategy and design of your value proposition to make it more attractive and accessible
• We will evaluate process sector attitudes and approaches to different risks and the direct and consequential impact of change
• We will explore to further understand the commercial opportunities, limitations and flexibility of selling to process sector corporations

Supported by many real case studies this workshop will provide practical advice and support to enable participants to develop and improve their sales approach to the process sector. We will encourage the sharing of individuals’ concerns, experiences and challenges.

At the close of the event there will be the opportunity to hold a brief one-to-one surgery for any immediate queries.

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