NEPIC Talent & Technology Showcase Event 2019

Showcasing Talent & Technology; Facilitating Industry & Academia Collaboration.

Over 90, five-minute pitches showcasing outstanding talent, specialist science and collaboration potential will be delivered by PhD Students and academics from universities covering six themes for guests to choose from as follows:



Presentation Title University
Bio-based polymer blends with improved properties Bradford
Biotransformations/ biocatalysis Bradford
An ATP Regeneration System Durham
Site-specific Conjugation for the Modification of
Next Generation Biologics
The intracellular force a powerful ally in skin tissue engineering  Durham
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Industrial Biological Challenges Durham
Novel Fluorescence Competition Assay for Retinoic Acid Binding Proteins Durham
Fast Protein Buffer Optimisation with the Durham Screens Durham
Segmenting X-Ray images with deep learning Durham
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Metal Chelators Against Cancer and Parkinson’s Disease Northumbria 
Microbiological analysis: utilising enzyme metabolites Northumbria 
Metallobiorthogonal reagents for labelling biomolecules Northumbria 
Next generation of DNA labelling – a novel cheap route to stable DNA labelled molecules Queens University Belfast
Bifidobacteria: Shield or Strain on the Gut of Preterm Infants Teesside 
Studying the effects of inclusion bodies on viability of E.coli Teesside 
Isolation and characterization of biosurfactant producing bacteria from mangrove swamp Teesside 


Presentation Title University
Polymers Bradford
Inorganics/Nano Bradford
EPSRC funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces – An Overview of Opportunities! Durham
Nanowire Research Durham
New Adventures in Zeolite Catalysis – Developing Direct Alkane Conversion Processes Durham
Solid State NMR Facilities – for Chemistry and Pharmaceutics Durham
Functional Polymers for Solid Dispersion Durham
Preparation and Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers in Non-polar Solvents Durham
Electronically-active Protein-mimetic Assemblies Durham
Small Molecule Segregation in PVA Films Durham
Bloomin’ Plastics: Molecular Migration in Polymers Durham
Micro/Nano fabrication facility Durham
How to 3D Print a Rock: The Challenges of Modelling Wettability Durham
Chemistry and Catalysis for Sustainable Chemicals Manufacturing Durham
Mass Spectrometry – what does this offer? Durham
Durham’s new Nanomaterials Handling Facility –  capabilities and financial support via COAST Durham
Orbital Ion Trapping: Higher Mass Resolution in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Newcastle
Tandem reactions initiated using diaryliodonium salts Newcastle
Rapid Purification of Complex Organics Newcastle
HPLC for analysis of complex matrices Northumbria
Microfibres from clothing Northumbria
Towards self-healing materials and coatings with embedding functionality Northumbria
computational modelling of self-assembly in soft materials Northumbria
p-XRF method development for elemental analysis of archaeological soil Teesside
Application of Broadband Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (BBCEAS) to relevant areas of environmental & human health Teesside
NHC Teesside
Artificial Photosynthesis: Light-driven Hydrogen Production Using Hybrid Photocathode Newcastle


Presentation Title University
Nanorectennas for thermal energy harvesting Durham
Water Hub – Delivering water and energy efficiencies through innovation and collaboration Durham
Compact & in-line pre-treatment process for enhancing yield of biogas Queens University Belfast
A novel technology for generating methanol from waste carbon dioxide and hydrogen Queens University Belfast
Improving redox-flow batteries for stationary energy storage for renewable energy systems Queens University Belfast
The importance of electrical energy storage to GB energy markets Teesside
Decentralised Frequency Regulation in Blocks of Buildings Teesside
Hydrogen Economy Teesside
Dr BoB Project Teesside

     IT for Manufacturing

Presentation Title University
Low Volume Statistical Process Control Durham
Nanorectennas for thermal energy harvesting Durham
PATH2iot: A Holistic, Distributed Stream Processing System Newcastle
ApproxIoT: Approximate Analytics  for Edge Computing Newcastle
CPACT Newcastle
Minimisation vibration in wind turbine using IOT Teesside


Presentation Title University
Production of polymeric pharmaceutical formulations Bradford
Microfluidic formulation of nanocrystals for pulmonary drug delivery Bradford
Evaluation of Hansen solubility parameters as a predictor for the stability of solid dispersions Bradford
A novel continuous platform for the fabrication of nanoparticle formulation Queens University Belfast
Thermal and rheological understanding of the Sol-Gel transformation in pluronic-based  hydrogels Bradford
Parameters affecting Shear assisted crystallisation of polymers in injection moulded capsules Bradford
Supported opportunities to partner with research and develop therapies for neglected tropical diseases Durham
Controlling Drug Crystallisation  Durham
Synthesis and characterization of a novel genipin-crosslinked-chitosan/poly (ethylene glycol) hydrogels Newcastle
Hydrogel-bioglass composites for tissue regeneration Newcastle

     Process Engineering

Presentation Title University
Microfluidic processing Bradford
From feedback in galaxy formation to spray-drying washing powder Durham
Advantaged Crystallisation Technology – a novel fluidic device without any moving parts Queens University Belfast
Vortex based cavitation for water treatment: new models and new ways of enhancing water treatment performance of hydrodynamic cavitation devices Queens University Belfast
One pot, low waste continuous process for the production of Dyes and Pigments. Queens University Belfast
Modelling, simulation and Designing of Membrane-Absorption Hybrid system for pre-combustion CO2/CH4 Separation Teesside
assessing the shelf life of food products Northumbria

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