Your 2020 Agenda

09.00     Registration & Networking
09.15     Welcome from NEPIC Chief Executive, Philip Aldridge
09.20     Virtual Introductions & Networking Ice Breaker in the Lounge & Lobby

10.00     Investment & Project Updates

  • 10.00 – Anglo American Woodsmith Project Update, Anglo American
  • 10.25 – Recycling the Unrecyclable: Using Cat-HTR™ to Recycle All Waste Plastic, ReNew ELP

11.00     Armistice Day – 2 minute silence to remember the fallen 

11.05     Investment & Project Updates Continue

  • 11.05 – The UK’s first decarbonised industrial cluster, Net Zero Teesside
  • 11.30 – Brexit: A Chemical Industry Perspective, CIA
  • 11.55 – Future Teesport, PD Ports
  • 12.20 – North East Pharma – a collaborative approach to generic medicine re-shoring, Sterling Pharma

12.50     Lunch, Networking & Booth Browsing
13.30     1-2-1 Mentoring Appointments & Networking (until 16.30)

13.00     Business Support Sessions

  • 13.00 – Trade Tariffs: The UK Customs Landscape Post Brexit, Womble Bond Dickinson & Barbourne Brook
  • 13.30 – The Impact of Home & Agile Working on the Chemical Industry, Womble Bond Dickinson
  • 14.00 – Smart Marketing for a Changing Business Landscape, Horizon Works
  • 14.30 – Plans for Jobs, Department for Education
  • 15.00 – Supporting your assets to digitally engage chemical process systems, CPI
  • 15.30 – Funding Your Growth, FW Capital

16.30     Event Close

Presentation Overviews

Anglo American Woodsmith Mine Project Update
Matt Parsons, General Manager – External Affairs – Anglo American

The Woodsmith Project is a deep mine and associated transport, processing and shipping infrastructure development under construction in North Yorkshire and the Tees Valley.

When complete it will produce polyhalite, a naturally occurring mineral containing potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium, four of the six key nutrients required for plant growth. It will be sold as a low chloride, multi-nutrient fertiliser suitable for organic use that can boost crop yields and aid more sustainable farming. The state-of-the-art mine is being constructed two miles south of Whitby in the North York Moors National Park.

We are delighted to be joined by Matt Parsons of Anglo American who will provide an update on this landmark project following the acquisition from Sirius Minerals in March 2020.

Recycling the Unrecyclable: Using Cat-HTR™ to Recycle All Waste Plastic
Kim West, Communications Manager – ReNew ELP

Many types of flexible, multi-layered plastic are considered ‘unrecyclable’ through traditional mechanical recycling processes, as thus are sent to landfill or incineration, resulting in environmental pollution and leaving the value of plastic unrecognised.

ReNew ELP are developing the world’s first commercial-scale Cat-HTR™ plant at Wilton. Cat-HTR™ is able to recycle all types of plastic, and this ground-breaking new site will recycle c.80,000tpa waste plastic on completion.

ReNew ELP have recently been awarded a £4.42million grant from Innovate UK through the Smart, Sustainable Plastic Packaging programme, recognising at Government-level the commercial-scale feasibility of the technology and potential of the advanced recycling sector to help meet ambitious plastic recycling targets. The grant will aid ReNew ELP in the construction of the initial plant, which commences build in Q1 2021.

We are thrilled to be joined by Kim West, Communications Manager for ReNew ELP, who will discuss the benefits of the technology, and how it will help shape an innovative future for Wilton and the Teesside area.

The UK’s first decarbonised industrial cluster
Colin McGill, Project Director – Net Zero Teesside

Net Zero Teesside is a Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage project based in Teesside. The project will decarbonise local industry by building a transportation and storage system to gather industrial CO2, compress it and store it safely in a reservoir under the North Sea.

The transportation and storage infrastructure will encourage new investment in the region from industries that wish to store or use CO2. In addition, a combined cycle gas turbine facility with carbon capture technology will provide low carbon power as a complement to renewable energy sources and underpin the investment in the infrastructure.

We are delighted to be joined by Colin McGill the Project Director of the Net Zero Teesside project.

Brexit: A Chemical Industry Perspective
Ian Cranshaw, Head of International Trade – Chemical Industries Association

What does the chemical industry need from an UK/EU Trade Deal to function efficiently. What progress has been made to ensure that policy makers are clear on the sector and the critical part it plays in supporting downstream manufacturing. What can the industry hope for at this stage? A skinny trade deal agreed mid-November risks not including the detail that industry requires to plot the months ahead and inject investment that has been withheld since 2016. I will also touch on outstanding asks on trade issues, regulation and energy.

Future Teesport
Jerry Hopkinson, Chief Operating Officer, PD Ports

As the statutory guardian of the River Tees, PD Ports is helping to drive a major revival here in the Tees Valley.  During the past 10 years, PD Ports has helped to attract over £1 billion of new investment and create 2,500 new jobs.  Together with our customers, Teesport now contributes £1.5 billion to the economy every year and supports 22,000 jobs.  This success reflects PD Ports’ commitment to our customers, our communities and our partners in government.  It also reflects the underlying strength of the River Tees.

We are delighted to be joined by Chief Operating Officer, Jerry Hopkinson, who will share with us an insight to the future vision for Teesport – the challenges and opportunities in achieving its ambitions, including the development of a new port community system and its ongoing commitment to unlock the full potential of young people that are key to our future. A shared commitment to supporting young people has never been more important and it is fundamental to overcoming the challenges presented by the COVID crisis.  That’s why PD Ports is accelerating the roll out of the most ambitious apprenticeship programme in the UK ports industry and collaborating with partners to equip young people with the futures they deserve.

By continuing to invest in the future of trade, the future of energy and the future of young people, we will not only help sustain the revival of the River Tees, we will help drive its transformation.

North East Pharma – a collaborative approach to generic medicine re-shoring
Kevin Cook, Chief Executive Officer – Sterling Pharma

More information coming soon!

Trade Tariffs: The UK Customs Landscape Post Brexit
Peter Snaith, Partner, Head of Chemicals – Womble Bond Dickinson
Rob Jenkins, Managing Director – Barbourne Brook

The UK customs landscape changes significantly from the end of the Brexit Transition Period, with the introduction of UK Tariff and Customs Legislation. UK and EU businesses will also have to adapt to parallel customs regulatory regimes.

Businesses trading with the EU and Rest or the World are modelling the impact of these changes and implementing mitigation strategies to reduce ongoing costs and remove barriers.

The session will cover:

  • Reviewing what we know and don’t know about the UK Customs Arrangements
  • Modelling the impact (costs and other barriers)
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Implementation and Time Scales

The Impact of Home & Agile Working on the Chemical Industry
Jayne Flint, Associate – Womble Bond Dickinson

The current circumstances have made “agile working” and flexible hours the norm. But what is agile working and what does it mean? Agile working refers to where an organisation provides its people with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints with the choice of where, when and how they work to optimise their performance and output.

We are thrilled to be joined by Jayne who will share with us her insights across the following areas:

  • Homeworking, Flexible Working and Agile working, what is it all about?
  • Health and Safety essentials checklist
  • Hidden disabilities and mental health
  • Legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010
  • Recognising employees with mental health difficulties
  • Employers’ considerations
  • Managers’ considerations
  • Employees’ considerations
  • Childcare issues and flexible working requests
  • Data protection and cyber security

Smart Marketing for a Changing Business Landscape
Samantha Vassallo, Managing Director & Richard Holmes, Account Director – Horizon Works

The Coronavirus pandemic is still affecting a lot of businesses and it has been a challenging year for many. With the prospect of restrictions still being here in 2021, it’s no longer the case of adapting your strategy for short term changes, it’s about longer term planning with a clear focus on what you need to do to help sustain and grow your business.   

In order to put your business in a more secure position, recover faster and build for the future, this session focuses on smart marketing for a changing business landscape – how aligning your marketing and sales strategies can provide longer term success.

Horizon Works will share some practical advice and tips on how marketing and sales can work together more seamlessly, how combining objectives and campaigns can provide better results and how implementing a joined up strategy can give you the foundations for growth. 

Plans for Jobs
Amanda Rowan, Intermediary Manager – Department for Education

Delivering his Summer Economic Update in Parliament, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced a package of measures to support jobs in every part of the country, give businesses the confidence to retain and hire, and provide people with the tools they need to get better jobs. A total of £1.6 billion will be invested in scaling up employment support schemes, training and apprenticeships to help people looking for a job.

We are delighted to be joined by Amanda Rowan from the Department of Education who will provide an overview of the Government Plan for Jobs Incentives covering apprenticeships, Traineeships, T Levels and Kickstart. During this interactive session, guests will also be invited to take part in a live Q&A and feedback to Government on the incentives.

Support your Assets to Digitally Engaged Chemical Process Systems
Katherina Roettger, Principal Scientist & Rachel Spires, Business Development Manager – CPI

This presentation explores CPI’s digital capabilities for the optimisation and automation of chemical processes. We will show how these capabilities can help to de-risk the integration of digital tools in manufacturing environments. Fully funded projects with CPI can be accessed through the European Regional Development Fund and the Digital Innovation Hub.

Funding your Growth
Allison Routledge, Investment Executive – FW Capital

Allison will discuss which funding options are available to help your business survive and thrive in the current environment. She will cover the various support available and discuss the wider funding landscape. Allison will talk through which funding options might be most suitable for your business and how FW Capital could help you grow.


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