Academic Poster Presentation

As part of this year’s Meet the Members Conference & Expo,  we will have a variety
of academic posters on display, accompanied their student author to explain them
in full.

The idea is to help inform our members about what, of relevance, is being researched
in our member universities.

Industrialists and students will also have the opportunity to discuss the research and its
relevance to industry. Employers may well also meet future employees!

The regional universities have been invited to take part.

Updates on poster topics will be added here over the following weeks.

Newcastle University

Obaidullah M
POSTER TOPIC: Algae paper biocomposite for in-situ carbon dioxide conversion

Imran  Ahmed    
POSTER TOPIC: Development of molten-salt membranes for CO2 capture – materials and their interfaces

Hosni Elwan
POSTER TOPIC: Ion gels for high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs).                  

Yujing Liu
POSTER TOPIC: Cost-effective synthesis of superhydrophobic silica aerogels for reduction of energy consumption

Daniel Telford
POSTER TOPIC: Development of an experimental methodology for the study of a working Chemical Looping reactor with operando neutron diffraction.

Richard McNeill
POSTER TOPIC: 3D Printed Flow Reactors For the Rapid Scale Up of Pharmaceutical Production

Alex De Koning
POSTER TOPIC: The importance of green hydrogen in avoiding an uninhabitable future

Teesside University

Zufishan Shamair
POSTER TOPIC: Development of carboscopic materials for direct air carbon capture 

Mardin Abdlaqadir 
POSTER TOPIC: Geochemical modelling of CO2-Clay mineral interaction during Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide

Nouha Samlani
POSTER TOPIC: Artificial Intelligence for modelling groundwater contamination in Brazil

Venkatesan Venkata Krishnan
POSTER TOPIC: Controlling Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium in Welding Fume 

Yasir Alani
POSTER TOPIC: A Whole Lifecycle Approach to Manage Assets in the Utilities Industry using  SEMATIC

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