What does NEPIC do?

We offer our members immediate connectivity to a wide and diverse process industry. As well as providing tangible membership benefits, we are continually working on key projects and industry issues to ensure the long-term sustainability of the chemical-processing sector in North East England – creating a business environment in which your company can continue to prosper and grow.

Can any business become a member of NEPIC?

Any company that supplies into the chemical-processing sector or wishes to become a supplier can join NEPIC. Our membership is broad and diverse and includes multi-national firms, business start-up and sole traders from within the region and outside.

How do I make the most of membership?

We work with all our member companies to help facilitate growth. However, success and return is always driven by a member’s level of engagement: the more you put in, the more you get out.

Is membership individual or on a company basis?

Membership of the Cluster is on a registered company basis.

How are membership fees calculated?

Our fees start from as little as £317 + VAT per annum and are based on a company’s number of UK employees.

Do members receive a differing level of service based on company size?

No. All members of NEPIC receive the same level of service and the same benefits package.

What do I receive upon joining?

To welcome new members to the Cluster and help introduce you to our existing members, you receive lots of marketing free support including editorial space in both print and on-line, company profile entries, a speaker slot at our monthly members’ meeting, CLUSTER CONNECT and much more.

Does membership renew automatically?

Yes. Membership is rolling and invoices for the following membership period are issued in December of each year.

What is NEPIC’s cancellation policy?

Membership of NEPIC is purchased on an annual basis or for the proportion of the year in which you joined. We certainly don’t want you to leave, however we appreciate that there are lots of reasons why this may be the case. Unfortunately, cancellation cannot be processed part way through a membership period and refunds cannot be issued. Cancellation must be received in writing and will become effective of December 31 of the year in question.

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