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*** This programme is now closed ***

Accelerating growth from ideas

innovate TEES VALLEY  has been established to help Teesside’s vibrant small business community achieve ambition and growth via service and product innovation.

Through innovate TEES VALLEY’s network of experts, we want to help you take your business idea forward, overcome growth barriers and seek success both here and overseas.

Be it a product, service or market exploration, innovate TEES VALLEY can provide extensive business and innovation support – accelerating you from idea to growth.

Who is it for?

innovate TEES VALLEY is here to support ambitious small to medium size businesses in the Tees Valley.  We offer a flexible service that has been crafted to suit both established and new businesses from the product and service sectors.

How can innovate TEES VALLEY help me?

Innovation remains a long-standing debate within the SME sector, however, one thing is definite – innovation is a crucial element within the SME ecosystem that is here to stay. Every SME needs to create an innovative environment in order to foster growth and success – through innovate TEES VALLEY’s combined know-how and cross sectorial experience, we will help you to make this happen and take your business to the next level.

Who are we?

We believe in strength in numbers and through innovate TEES VALLEY that is exactly what we bring to you. innovate TEES VALLEY combines the knowledge and expertise of four business growth establishments, creating a powerful innovation super network. All with proven growth delivery records and a passion for small businesses, your innovate TEES VALLEY partners have one goal – accelerating growth from your ideas. Please follow the links below for more information about our partners.

The Forge
Digital City
Materials Processing Institute
innovate TEES VALLEY

innovate TEES VALLEY is a free service available to growth-orientated Tees Valley-based businesses employing less than 250 staff and with an annual turnover no greater than £40m per annum.

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