Future Leaders Network

The North East of England is home to a large cluster of Chemical process industry businesses and home to the largest integrated chemicals complex in the UK. This world class centre for the petrochemicals, energy, bio-resources, steel and advanced manufacturing industries is a vital asset for the region.

Through our experience of working in the sector we are acutely aware of the challenges faced by employers and employees in the sector. Employees can find the industry isolating and remote due to the site locations and a lack of peer to peer contact. Employers can find it difficult to recruit high calibre people due to the reputation of the sector and the location of the sites and also the competition faced by other sectors such as oil and gas.

It is with this backdrop that we are keen to build a structure of support and networking for people in the Chemicals process industry and supply chain across the North East. To ensure the sector remains sustainable it is vital that we support and develop a culture of excellence and create opportunities for the forthcoming generation of leaders and shapers of the chemicals industry to feel that they are part of this cluster.

The Future Leaders Network will build on the strong links of both the CIA and NEPIC in the region to reach out to all areas of the chemicals sector. With the collective buy in of senior figures and business leaders in the sector it is hoped that the network will be a supported series of events running throughout the year that will work to support people in their career development and help to feel a part of the cluster that they are a key part of.

The group is led by a steering group of identified up and coming figures from the sector using the NEPIC rising stars and the CIA future Forum Ambassadors as the feeder. The group will organise a mix of social events alongside events that would broaden their understanding of the sector on the region with a mixture of topical content and guest speakers.

For more information contact Louise Gwynne-Jones

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