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WORKSHOP: Addressing Scale Up, Mixing & Other Challenges in the Pharma, Food, Biotech & Chemical Process Industries

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February 18, 2016

Biochemica | Daimler Drive
Cowpen Industrial Estate, Stockton-on-Tees TS23 4JD United Kingdom

9:00 am - 3:30 pm


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Introducing Admixtus: A new mixing-specific tool used to accelerate the process of CFD-based mixing simulations.

The specialty chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry face specific challenges in multiphase flows. Especially when suspension of solids, flow of slurries or highly viscous/viscoelastic materials are concerned. Many of the design methods are based on correlations which need to be extrapolated. Scale-up of such systems is even more challenging due to the limited applicability of previous generation methods.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and particle modeling with Discrete Element Method (DEM) have been identified as key enabling technologies in finding solutions from first principles, to many of the challenges that surround scale-up; capable of reducing operating costs across manufacturing and quality divisions.

Who Should Attend?

  • Process engineers, scale-up engineers or a manager who wants to improve accuracy of current process design & development methods, increase robustness and confidence in scale up, you will find this session helpful in strategizing your workflows.
  • CFD specialists who want to learn about the strength of STAR-CCM+® meshing and multiphase flow simulation capabilities, workflow and physics models for some of the most challenging problems in the industry.


09:00 – Registration & Breakfast
09:30 – Welcome & Introduction, CD-adapco
09:45 – Using CFD for Mixing & Process Scale-up: Theory and Case Studies, Ravi Aglave, CD-adapco
10:15 – Rheology and Viscoelastic Flows, Nathanael Inkson, CD-adapco
10:45 –  Coffee Break
11:00 –  Software Demonstration: Admixtus – Go swiftly from Geometry to Results, Dr. Vincent Lister, CD-adapco
11:30 – Bioreactor characterisation and design optimisation in CFD, Alex Smith, Centre for Process Innovation
12:00 – Reactor Troubleshooting – The Unseen Enemy, Brian Borrill, BHR Group
12:30 – Lunch (provided by CD-adapco)
13:30 – Hands-on Workshop
15.30 – Close

Guest Presenters

Alex Smith, Centre for Process Innovation
An experienced CFD engineer and chartered process engineer, currently working within the Industrial Biotechnology & Biorefining (IB&B) platform of CPI. With eight years industrial experience in process engineering and CFD modelling, Alex has used his experience to provide valuable input particularly in the areas of process equipment design, characterisation, troubleshooting and performance optimisation.

Mr. Brian Borrill, BHR Group
A graduate Chemical Engineer with vast industrial experience working in flow control systems for the steel, glass, nuclear and process industries, he specialises in technical sales to the nuclear decommissioning and process industries in the US. When an industrial process is not behaving as we would wish or how we expected, the fluid flow conditions in the system are often overlooked as the root cause of the problem. Process engineers will often complain of poor heat transfer, unwanted by-products, low yields, or excessive solvent use, and it is not uncommon to point the finger of blame at the various unit operations in the system. This presentation will take a fresh look at other possible causes and solutions.

The CD-adapco Team

Dr. Ravindra Aglave, Director for Chemical Process industry and formerly of BASF/BechtelCAllidus technology, will speak about the use of CFD in simulation of mixing and scale-up. He will go through basic principles and give some specific examples. He will also show how design space exploration can play a role in optimizing designs.

Dr. Kristian Debus, formerly of Bechtel, ICEM CFD, and Caitin, will talk about use of CFD and DEM simulation in the pharmaceutical industry, with focus on tableting, clean rooms and aspetic filling.

Dr. Nathanael Inkson, formerly of Dow Chemical with an expertise in Rheology, with present the rheology models available in STAR-CCM+ and will introduce you to the new Finite Element based viscoelastic/viscous flow solver in STAR-CCM+

Dr. Vincent Lister, Application Engineer. Vincent has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has performed research into mixing in novel applications at the Universities of Cambridge and Bath in the UK. He will guide you through the usage of Admixtus to gain immediate process insights.

This event is free, but registration is required.

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