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SHAREBOX ‘Business Opportunities’ Workshop: Next generation industrial symbiosis

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October 19, 2016

The Wilton Centre | Wilton TS10 4RF United Kingdom

8:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Paving the way forward for next generation industrial symbiosis

Join us at our fully funded ‘Business Opportunities’ Workshop due to be held on Wednesday 19 October 2016 at the Wilton Centre in Redcar.

This workshop has been developed as part of the SHAREBOX project – in which NEPIC is a partner – and also builds upon the recent Tees Valley Process Industry High Level Analysis. SHAREBOX works to develop smarter ways of bringing resource management solutions and bottom line benefits to companies based in the region.

The workshop will help you to:

• Turn your waste into a resource
• Save money on your waste costs
• Generate new business opportunities
• Network with other local businesses
• Improve your environmental performance

Previous events have generated over 500 potential matches between attending companies. If you want to achieve substantial cost savings, generate sales from new markets and contribute towards creating an environmentally sustainable economy register for FREE now!

What is industrial symbiosis?

Industrial symbiosis is a resource efficiency approach where unused or residual resources (materials, energy, water, assets, logistics, export knowledge) of one company are used by another. This results in mutual economic, social and environmental benefits.

How does the workshop work?

The workshop uses a unique facilitation approach to rapidly match member companies’ underutilised resources with those who can utilise them. Your identified resources are shared with all the other workshop participants who then have the opportunity to ‘sign up’ to the resources.

Following the workshop, delegates will receive a personal report, identifying all the resource opportunities signed up for during the workshop. Delegates are then free to pursue the business opportunities with the companies as they wish.

Registration and pre-event preparation

Registration is quick, easy and free – and can all be completed on-line. Once registration is complete, companies will receive a pack that provides further information about the process and enables participants to do a bit of homework into their company’s input and output resources. Places are limited to 1 delegate per company. A light breakfast and refreshments will be provided.


Resource efficiency offers major economic opportunities for the European Process Industry, both in terms of cost savings as well as opportunities to offer greener products and services. Industrial Symbiosis (IS) is the use by one company or sector of by-products, including energy, water, logistics and materials, from another.

The approach that underpins SHAREBOX centres on logical work flow that covers from the identification of new symbiotic synergies right through optimised connections among companies and organisations in established symbiotic relationships.

SHAREBOX will provide plant operations and production managers with the robust and reliable information that they need in real-time in order to effectively and confidently share resources (plant, energy, water, residues and recycled materials) with other companies in an optimum symbiotic ecosystem. Find out more>

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