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Successful Sales Prospecting Workshop

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April 19, 2018

Salvus House, Durham | Salvus House
Durham, DH1 5TS United Kingdom

9:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Open to  SME Growth Programme participants.

Places are limited to a maximum of two company members per workshop.

Confidence and clarity is vital in order to open the door to a senior executive in an effective manner. During this workshop we will examine the best ways to gain attention and access to top executives, understand the different and best approaches and structure of an effective prospecting email &/or call.

Gaining access to Executives: We will examine the power of an internal referral when accessing executives and understand how many points of contact it takes for an initial response.

How to Gain Attention: We discuss the best ways to elicit interest, amplify desire and create action/buy. We will discuss how every approach should be Relevant, Concise, Topical and Actioned.

C-Level Email Writing: We will examine the good, the bad and the ugly side of email writing and share our proven template for writing an effective email & making the perfect prospecting call. Participants will be given the chance to construct their own C-Level email and send it live within the session.

Mixing the Media: We will discuss the importance of mixing the media through telephone, email, letter, registered, Social Media Twitter LinkedIn etc. Making it a habit and committing to a ‘Magic 50’.

Wrap up: We will pull the learnings from the session together and will conclude with actions that give each participant the best opportunity for future sales prospecting success.

At the end of this informative and interactive workshop each participant will have developed an increased understanding in how they prospect effectively with executives and target positions. It is always our aim to make learning fun. Each participant will have the opportunity to learn in a constructive and empowering environment. We will encourage the sharing of personal examples (good and bad) amongst the group – an added value benefit from running an open workshop like this.

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