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Heliex Power have developed their patented Twin Screw Turbine  (TST) energy recovery system that harnesses wet steam and generates electrical power for industrial, waste and biomass processing organisations.

The Heliex Power TST offers:

Low Cost Electricity
Decreased Carbon Footprint
Rapid return on Investment (1 - 2 year payback)

This unique offering allows customers to decide if they want to consume the electricity on site of sell back to the grid - providing both financial gains and environmental benefits.

The TST is built to deliver rapid and robust return on investment (ROI) and revenue opportunities, with a highly competitive cost-per-kW recovered.  It gives the customer the ability to deliver consistent energy recovery even at low power.  Customers also get the best operational flexibility and deployment with a highly standardised, packaged and modular product.  The product can also be easily replicated across multiple sites and geographies.  Not only is there an advantage in the monetary savings, the Heliex TST also contributes significantly to the carbon reduction and sustainability targets that many industries are trying to achieve based on government targets.

A useful video is shown on our webpage, link below:

Typical applications are:

Bypassing pressure reducing stations for process steam.
Utilising excess steam for power generation prior to being vented to atmosphere or condensed in an air cooled condenser / cooling tower.
Biomass Saturated Steam Boilers.
Waste Heat Saturated Steam Boilers.
Specialist Waste Incineration, pyrolysis / gasification processes - Hazardous waste or Medical waste incineration.

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+44 (0) 1355 233 127

Kelvin Building, Bramah Avenue, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G75 0RD

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