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Grid-scale hydrogen and electricity storage.
Hydrogen: the only cost-effective way of storing massive amounts; enhances the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of electrolysis and large H2 consumers e.g. fuel/chemical synthesis; more integrated projects are even better.
Electricity storage: the world’s most cost-effective and efficient large-scale long-duration storage using compressed air (adiabatic CAES). 40MW-to-multi-GW, 200MWh-to-multi-GWh plants make renewables profitable without subsidy, match supply with demand, reduce energy costs, provide ancillary and stability services (with real inertia 24/7), black-start, saves billions on grid reinforcement, plant life 40-60 years.
Patented technologies using proven technologies innovatively.
Enables renewables to power the world affordably, reliably and resiliently.

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+44 (0)161 242 1151

11th Floor, Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BN

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