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Green Hydrogen has huge potential benefits. But up until now, the costs have been too high for widespread adoption. Hydrogen is expensive to transport and difficult to store in large quantities.

Catalsys have found a way to dramatically reduce this cost. By using ammonia as a hydrogen carrier in combination with our unique patented cracking technology, we make it possible to produce hydrogen on-site from low-cost renewables anywhere in the world.

Our team brings decades of experience in the energy sector, an extensive professional network and pragmatic management expertise. Initial conversations have been overwhelmingly positive, and we have serious interest across multiple use cases. These include onboard cracking for agriculture and mining, municipal transport and long-distance trucking solutions, marine transportation, distributed electricity production, off-grid applications, and more.

Catalsys is the key to unlocking hydrogen’s potential for widespread adoption

Our unique technology provides access to low-cost renewable hydrogen wherever and whenever it is needed

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