Elisian Limited is a software provider responsible for the eLogbook suite of solutions. eLogbook has been helping companies in the petrochemical sector improve reliability and manage safety in Teesside, Aberdeen and as far afield as Australia.

Our solutions can add equal value across the chemical processing sector by offering a robust, simple to use, web-based approach to managing aspects of the operation of a plant. The core solution and modules including joint integrity management, operational risk assessment and valve, critical equipment, asbestos management are securely available over a web browser for use on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices.

User interfaces are simple with configurable screens and colour coded tabs for operational staff to quickly reference, share, enter and analyse the data they need. eLogbook has been developed in a logical, industry standard format, making it easy for customers to generate far more value from the solution by interfacing it with their asset management software.

Elisian appreciate that each of our customers have different assets, installed bases, areas of focus and priorities … our team have spent the last 13 years mapping our flexible solution onto real operating environments and helping our customers realise real value very quickly.

CASE STUDY: 12th February 2019 - Teesside based natural gas terminal

A Teesside based natural gas transportation and processing system currently serves more than 30 producing fields in the North Sea. It meets remarkable performance, reliability and HSE standards and employs around 100 staff locally to provide 24 hour 7 day a week service for the delivery of gas to the Teesside Gas Processing Plant and the National Transmission System.

Elisian have spent the last 3 years providing key solutions to help the management and staff at the terminal maintain and build on their impressive track record, this has included the configuration, deployment, hosting and support of the following eLogbook solutions:

Actions and tasking. Effectively managing, auditing and progressing actions and corresponding tasks. This includes target dates for completion, priority and current status, assignment of resource and management of necessary documentation.

Events. Capturing the detail of events and incidents including commonly used asset tag ID of related equipment, categories of event and priority. Events are easily indexed and presented and are available to view in a diary format.

Shift handover. The staff at the terminal benefit from a comprehensive, centrally held and readily available shift handover solution capable of summarising events, action and tasks and communicating them accurately to the following shift.

Operational assurance tool-set allows the management team to build more robust procedures that comprise tasks to be completed at specific times by specific roles. The execution of these procedures then being auditable visible and manageable.

Joint integrity management capability provides an available and always live web-based approach to replicating a physical joint tagging regimen allowing staff to instantly see the status of all joints and manage their integrity through breaking, assembling, tightening and testing.

Our locked valve register is the single point of truth on the status of all valves through audit, isolation/de-isolation, operation and anomaly and the creation and editing of new valves including work order numbers in Maximo format.

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