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Absolute Antibody Research & Manufacturing

Absolute Antibody is a privately funded startup company developing engineered antibodies for use in research and for manufacturing diagnostic kits. We have developed a proprietary manufacturing platform based on transient transfection for the production of sequenced and engineered antibodies (AbAbs). The manufacture of AbAbs is fast, inexpensive and animal-free, with 100s of mgs produced within two weeks. They also provide a number of benefits over antibodies produced using traditional methods, including ultra-low batch-to-batch variability leading to improved reproducibility of results, and the ability to eliminate undesirable properties or add desirable features.

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Absolute Antibody Launches Mouse Bispecific Antibody Reagents

Absolute Antibody Research & Manufacturing

Absolute Antibody, an industry-leading provider of recombinant antibody products and services, today announced the launch of the first commercially available mouse knob-into-hole (KIH) bispecific antibody reagents. Bispecific antibodies, which permit simultaneous engagement of two different protein targets, are an exciting…

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Absolute Antibody Develops Custom Purification Systems to Enable High-Throughput Recombinant Antibody Production


  New antibody purification robots support further company growth Absolute Antibody Ltd., an industry-leading manufacturer of recombinant antibodies, has developed custom protein purification systems to significantly increase its antibody production throughput. The automated robots, now installed in Absolute Antibody’s newly…

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Commitment to quality and standards enhances Absolute Antibody’s diagnostics capabilities

Absolute Antibody Research & Manufacturing

We are pleased to announce that our manufacturing facility in Redcar, UK, has been certified under ISO 9001:2015 as of December 17, 2018. The newly expanded, state-of-the-art facility was designed to provide customers and distributors with the highest level of…

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