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North East England is synonymous with engineering. Historically the region’s formidable engineering reputation was built on heavy industries such as shipbuilding, railways, coal, iron and steel.

With the passage of time, engineering has diversified and expanded into the emerging industrial sectors with equal recognition for excellence.

Petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, bioscience, power, oil & gas, utilities, automotive, electronics plus many more technical manufacturing sectors, are all serviced in terms of design, fabrication, construction, operation, maintenance and development by engineering companies based in the region.

Specialist companies cover disciplines such as fabrication, machining, cranage, scaffolding, non-destructive testing, leak sealing, facilities management and QS.

Far from being a ‘parochial’ resource, engineering companies in North East England support national and global industrial enterprises and in doing so make a significant contribution to the regional and UK economy.

It is estimated there are 2,800 engineering companies based in the region, together employing some 13,000 people. Stockton-on-Tees, situated in the south of the region, was recently cited as housing the highest concentration of such businesses in Europe.

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