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22 Sep 2016


Thursday 22 September 2016. Durham, UK. Leading international speakers at the fore of the world’s bioresources and renewables sector, will today address delegates at an industry conference in Durham.

The conference, held by industry-body NEPIC, will highlight the new technologies that are set to underpin the future of the chemical-processing industry globally.

The conference will be addressed by speakers that span the globe, representing major organisations including Lanzatech; Reliance Industries; Tata Chemicals; Rutgers; Croda; Enerkem and Nordregio.
An impressive line-up of UK companies will also be present, including Northern Gas Networks; Carbon Cycle; Progressive Energy; MGT Power; Imperial College London and Tourian Renewables.

Important new technologies, including energy-from-waste and biomaterials; environmentally-friendly chemistry; the use of hydrogen as a household fuel and industrial carbon capture and storage will all be discussed.

The 120 delegates will also hear about the delivery of multi-million pound investments that have already been approved, such as the £650m MGT Biomass Power Plant on Teesside that has recently concluded financing arrangements.

Conference chair, Jerry Hopkinson, vice president of PD Ports, said:

“It might seem strange to some folks that a company such as PD Ports amongst other supply chain companies are supporting this highly technical conference, however, it is events such as this whereby NEPIC introduce us to the manufacturing processes and supply chains of the future.

Jerry continued:

“Through NEPIC we all get a heads up as to what is coming and we get the intelligence to help attract new industry to our region. The MGT Power Biomass Project being a case in point as it is being set up on PD Ports’ land as they require port centric logistical infrastructure to be successful.”

John Brady, director of international projects at NEPIC, commented:

“It is crucial for a region like ours that we connect to new technologies from around the world. Not only to introduce the North East to potential new investors but also to keep indigenous businesses aware of the up and coming competition, thus giving them time to react and potentially participate in the delivery of new and sustainable technologies.”

The United Kingdom has featured high on the league table of the World’s most attractive renewable energy markets – and the North East of England is at the forefront. Boosting strong positions in all phases of the invention, innovation, development, engineering and operations supply chain, the region has long had a vision of being an internationally significant hub for bioresources and renewables.

NEPIC chief executive, Dr Stan Higgins, added:

“This conference helps keep the eyes of the world on our region as a leading location for the implementation of carbon emission reducing process technologies. We already have bio and waste based energy and fuels units operating here – with several bio-based manufacturing plants producing here also.

“Furthermore, there is a growing understanding of carbon capture, storage and usage and plus our vast coal reserves that could give rise to clean coal opportunities. We at NEPIC are proud of our role in bringing many of these emerging technologies into view so that industry will be sustainable in our region long into the future.”

North East England possesses process industry businesses that are continuously improving their operations; large companies investing in new bio and waste based technologies and SMEs developing new technology and investing in production plant.

This is coupled with engineering consulting businesses that design and build plants both in the region and across the world, as well as nationally and internationally significant innovation facilities for industrial biotechnology, anaerobic reactions and high temperature processes and a strong university research base.

It is these such facilities, teamed with outstanding utilities and infrastructure and an extremely strong skills base that ensure North East England is a key location for all aspects of the development of a lower carbon economy, greener and more sustainable chemicals, energy and processing sector.

Full details of the conference agenda is available here. Conference sponsors include PD Ports; Durham University; Centre for Process Innovation: Northumbria University; Sharebox; Teesside University and Imperial College London.



NEPIC, the North East Process Industry Cluster, is a membership organisation that represents the broad range of inter-related chemistry using industries in North East England. The Cluster works with its member companies to provide a more collaborative environment and ultimately support the long-term sustainable growth of the sector.

This is a globally significant region for the process industry as there are more than 1,400 companies directly involved or in the supply chain of these sectors, generating £26 billion of annual sales, who employ 190,000 people and export £12 billion each year. This is the Northeast’s largest industrial sector and vital to the future of the Northeast economy.

The Cluster’s activities and interactions include: investment growth; skills & education; innovation; communications & marketing; supply chain development; improved connectivity; SME participation growth & increased international awareness.

For more information visit or contact Louise Gwynne-Jones, PR & Communications Manager, via or call 01642 442569 / 07808 029 967.

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