Asset Management 2023: Our Speakers

TOPIC: Adding value through RAM analysis: Performance Forecasting for the process industry towards a Net Zero future.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide more detail on the RAM analysis methodology, and how its implementation can benefit both traditional and upcoming Low Carbon Applications.

A RAM analysis is a proven quantitative technique for Plant Reliability modelling in the asset management sector. The analysis comprises the development of a model representation of the asset(s) under investigation and forecasting through event-driven Monte Carlo-based simulations how parameters such as reliability, maintainability and operational philosophies influence overall performance and availability.

TOPIC: Unlock The Power of Your Assets Data Through wood.maintenance

Assets are being challenged to transform performance and extend operational life by dramatically reducing operating costs and emissions, while improving both safety and production throughput and availability. At the same time, value is being lost due to production shortfall and unforeseen costs.  Experienced skilled labour is in short supply and our businesses need to focus on transformational projects which support a safe, secure & stable energy transition.

Wood’s intelligent asset optimisation specialists have been working closely with clients, including the Wood-operated CATS Terminal on Teesside, to understand and address the main causes of these issues.

TOPIC: Asset End of Life and Decommissioning Plans

Whilst the term ‘Asset Management’ is routinely focused on optimisation of
production, the eventual decommissioning of an asset is part of its overall
lifecycle and should be considered as early as possible, and if not during the
design and commissioning stages, then certainly as part of its production phase.
Addressing the end game early, adds value in the longer-term; it assures the
achievement of EHS excellence and minimises cost.

This presentation will outline a front-end engineered approach, that will enable operators to plan and make soundly based business decisions for when the time comes to decommission.

TOPIC: OT Cyber Security in the
Chemical Industry

This presentation will look at OT Cyber Security in the Chemical Industry, covering:

  • The OT Cyber Security Landscape
  • The importance of asset management in cyber security
  • Standards, legislation and directives

    Ben Caley heads product management for Siemens Digital Industries’ Connectivity and Cyber Security business in the UK. With a background in industrial automation, IoT and cyber security, Ben’s focus is to support the adoption of cyber security and networking best practices into industrial environments.

TOPIC: Innovative network-based asset collaboration in equipment-intensive manufacturing industries

Endress+Hauser and key customers in the process manufacturing industry are sharing structured and unstructured data, such as equipment maintenance strategies and manuals, spare parts data, performance analysis and feedback, in a cloud-based business network that helps them avoid manual information exchange, costly system integrations, and data aggregations. This digital twin of Endress+Hauser equipment consolidates multiple information channels into one.

Ian has 30 years’ experience in process control, with over 17 years working at Endress+Hauser.

TOPIC: Development of Asset Management Maturity at the UK’s leading LNG Importation Terminal

Many operators across the process sector own and operate assets of varying vintages, often with an asset management strategy that is focussed on “operate and maintain”.  This presents a number of challenges when trying to validate the assets as “fit for service”.

Frazer-Nash recently undertook a project with National Grid’s Grain LNG site in Kent to help address these challenges.  The presentation will outline the approach taken and how the project delivered not only a strong foundation on which multiple re-life projects have been based, but has also improved the maturity of asset management thinking across the organisation.

TOPIC: Optimizing Energy Usage with Geometric Process Control

Geometric Process Control (GPC) comprises novel multivariate visualization and machine learning (ML) modeling techniques that can be applied by process and process control engineers without complicated mathematics. This presentation looks at applying these techniques to agile process operation under changing energy landscapes, showing how operational targets can be synthesized visually from past operating data, then continuing to show the greater rewards possible with dynamic real-time targets based on full multi-dimensional operating envelopes. Case studies showing potential savings from both off-line and on-line optimization are included.

TOPIC: Disposal of Assets

Supporting both businesses and individuals, we exist to help our customers achieve corporate objectives ranging from environmental targets, space utilisation and cash flow generation.

Our bespoke disposal solutions enable us to offer support for businesses of all sizes and individuals. Clients benefit from our unrivalled turnaround times, free marketing strategy & specialist account managers within your market sector.

TOPIC: Nursing Assets to Shutdown

When an asset is inspected and an in-service damage is found, what often follows is a fitness for purpose (FFP) assessment. This is to quantify the nature of the damage in relationship to the item’s structural
integrity. For pressure systems, this often involves applying well established FFP techniques, using recognised codes
and standards. The aim is to help the client determine which of the three R’s to action: Retire, Re-rate or Repair. But one question that often arises is, what can be done to ‘keep it going,’ especially until a more convenient time can be found to act.

This presentation talks through factors to consider when this request is made, particularly so owner operators know the risks and expectations of them in nursing their assets to shutdown. A number
of case studies are included to demonstrate the points raised.

TOPIC: How Intelligent APM helps asset owners achieve their Net Zero ambition

In this presentation, Cyrus will talk through the positive impact APM has on an organisation’s ESG objectives. Energy Consumption is a key cost driver and yet is sometimes overlooked when considering an Assets TCO & ROI. He will highlight the tangible benefits of effective Energy Monitoring, providing real world examples of where insights from Energy Monitoring/Reporting have led to significant improvements in the drive towards “Net Zero”. The topic of how today’s energy crisis has driven awareness of the need to manage our Assets energy consumption & pressed home the importance of energy monitoring/reporting at an asset/asset class level will also be discussed.

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