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Fuzzy Logic Studio is an innovation company that harnesses the power of augmented reality (AR) to transform businesses and deliver tangible outcomes such as shorter training times, improved productivity, and increased revenue.

We help businesses to address their most pressing challenges by overlaying valuable digital information on real-world environments through a mobile device, tablet, or smart glasses.

Areas where we have successfully applied AR include sales, marketing, training, maintenance, and internal communications.

<strong>Case Study: Transnet and Microsoft</strong>
<strong>Revolutionising Training with Augmented Reality</strong>

<strong>The Challenge</strong>
In 2019, we were commissioned by Microsoft to produce an augmented reality training solution for Transnet Ports. The solution needed to enable maintenance technicians to train on a specific part within the braking system without it physically needing to be present.

<strong>The Solution</strong>
The solution involved creating a digital twin of the machine part to aid trainees in visualising the steps they would need to follow for assembly and disassembly. There were also interactive points of reference which overlaid relevant information on the part itself. Training sessions could be held at multiple locations, reducing the logistical costs associated with internal training.

<strong>Decreased Costs</strong> - Multiple training sessions can run at the same time

<strong>Increased Knowledge Retention</strong> - Interactive experiences are more memorable

<strong>Improved Productivity</strong> - Trainees can now confidently complete maintenance processes in the field

To view a short clip of this video, please follow the link below.

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