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Established in 1989 we are an independent company. Providing IFEX unrivalled firefighting equipment to the Petrochemical and Offshore Industries. IFEX is the definitive method of putting out fires, leaving no collateral, smoke or water damage, all in under one minute. Tackles all causes of fire; electrical, mechanical and chemical. With 100% success rate. It is relied upon as the sole solution in extreme and inaccessible locations that regular firefighting systems cannot access. IFEX is currently installed in mines, tunnels, at facilities with volatile materials, in historical buildings, storage facilities, offshore and on chemical plants around the UK, Europe, United States and China. Using water and compressed air IFEX makes a ball of mini droplets, which at 140m per second removes all heat and allows direct access to a fire. Presenting 1000 degrees drop to 40 degrees in 10 seconds and then to zero in under one minute. This "green" product uses minimal water and therefore protects the fabric of a building or machinery as the water particles produced disappear into the atmosphere. Operations can continue as there is no collateral damage. Products range from backpacks, 35/50 litre trolleys to mounted units through to helicopter skid unit.

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8 Burwell Drive, Stockton-on-Tees, TS19 7JX

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