Children Challenging Industry

Companies in the North East help to inspire the future of Industry

Over 45,000 children have taken part in CIECs Children Challenging Industry programme since its development in 1997. Now as we celebrate 20 years of inspiring young people to connect with Science and Industry we look to the future of this fantastic initiative.

In the past year CIEC and the Children Challenging Industry team have worked with over 670 students from your area, to create exciting and innovative science projects for children in both primary and secondary education.

We have delivered staff training and development to 22 schools in the Tees Valley – working with no less than 338 members of staff to inspire and encourage them to develop their students’ interest and passion in science and technology.

One of the most rewarding and inspiring aspects of our work has been taking the children on site visits to companies within your region. This allows the students to see first-hand the science in action and often provides them with an experience they will never forget! The children love seeing how industry works, and the experience is also rewarding for each of our fantastic host companies who are inspiring a new generation of scientists and engineers to take science further in their academic careers.

Children Challenging Industry also provides staff training by introducing teachers to using industrial real life science based activities to engage the children in the classroom. This important aspect of our programme supports the continued professional development for our teachers and focuses on Working Scientifically, exploring the wealth of CIEC resources that they can access for free from our website, creating contextualised classroom links with industry.

The impact of Children Challenging Industry is clear on the faces of not only the children who visit these innovative industries and take part in class sessions, but also their teachers who’s interest and engagement with science is ensuring that future generations are inspired to take Science further.

CIEC simply could not fund this activity without the continued generosity of NEPIC members – so thank you! We know how important it is to continue this type of outreach and hope that you might continue to support us to take Children Challenging Industry into another hugely successful 20 years.

  • £1000 would help us to fund a continued professional development session for Primary Teachers in your region.
  • £2000 would fund three in class science sessions for a school,plus ongoing support and online resources.
  • £5000 would fund us to develop new online and in-class resources tailored to your company’s story.
  • You could host a site visit for us too!

“We all learnt a lot about the engineering industry in the North East and how it has impacted greatly on us all. It made us realise how proud we should be of our great and innovative industrial heritage. We also learnt about the product you create and how the properties of this material are very valuable to a world where we need to recycle as much as we can.” Teacher. Errington Primary School following a visit to Lotte Chemicals

If you would like to know more about the programme or for opportunities to support the work of CIEC please contact:

Louise Wise
Development Manager
CIEC – Centre for Industry, Education and Collaboration
01904 322528

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