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I am a Chemical Engineer who started with ICI in 1977 and worked in various businesses including plastics, petrochemicals, fertilisers and specialty chemicals. I spent most of my career in operations, technical and engineering roles on Teesside and rose to become the Site Director for Uniqema at Wilton which subsequently became part of Croda. In these roles I had a strong track record of delivering continuous improvement and manufacturing excellence. After leaving Croda I continued to work in the industry with px, Agility and now NEPIC.

My role is NEPIC has mainly been to drive the Business Acceleration for SMEs project known as BASME which has provided invaluable assistance to SMEs who wish to grow within the process industry. We have helped more than 420 companies over the past 3 years who have generated well over 850 jobs. There are so many excellent companies in the region in all the key business areas who can ensure that the sector remains successful long term.

This role has now expanded to the broader portfolio of SME and Supply Chain support. Given my extensive experience in operations and my powerful network within the sector I have been able to make many links between the SME and supply chain community and the larger manufacturing, engineering and logistics companies. I can also provide realistic advice to supply chain companies who are trying to penetrate the industry as I can be the voice of the customer given my previous work history.

Overall I am committed to making a strong contribution to the process industry in the North East which has been my home for more than 35 years. This is a great industry with great people and I am proud to be part of it.


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Direct Line: +44(0) 1642 442 576

Mobile: +44(0) 7803 625 009

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